11 — 28 NOVEMBER 2021

An Audio-Visual Walking Trail of Serangoon North

Created By

Nabilah Said, Syafiqah ‘Adha Sallehin, Dr Corrina Bonshek, Ammar “Ameezy” and Yong Rong Zhao

Come experience Lost & Found: Serangoon on your own, with friends and family, or join one of the guided tours to recollect and reimagine the histories and futures of a place that means many things to many people. What will we find? And what gets lost along the way?


Peggy Ferrora
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Listening to it in the comfort of my home gave a sense of intimacy - it was wistful, longing and loving all at the same time... The music that went with the text was ethereal... Ethnic and western instruments blended in seamlessly - sometimes they would build on each other, sometimes they would hold hands... Lost and Found: Serangoon is a beautiful work of art and one that sets an example for art making in Singapore. I hope the piece resides somewhere more permanent for other artists to emulate and for the public to savour.
Petrisson Teo
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Plugging in my earpiece, I was immediately sucked into the fantastic voice acting of our main character. He spoke directly to me and I was immediately gripped by the mystery he presented: 'join me on my search for my Sayang'... Complimenting this, the audio engineering was excellent and augmented the entire experience. Depth and stereo sound brought the narrator's story to life, and coupled with the fact that I was standing in all the recommended locations, I definitely felt like I was transported through a portal into the past
Jaisilan Sathiasilan
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Where do we go to find the things we've lost?" This question was on my mind after I left the audio-visual trail @lostnfoundserangoon which took me around Serangoon North. I have lived next to this area for 32 years, and was amazed at the rich history....The music and score is out of this world... At one of the locations, I teared; thinking of someone I had lost recently. That's the power of theatre. It heals you.
Michelle Kuek
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So much new discoveries and informative tidbits about a place that I have continuously cruised by throughout my life. I enjoyed it so much!
Audrey Koh
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I'm a skeptic of online tours but this is really good. The scripting, original music, sound design, visuals – I'm savouring everything! Highly recommended for friends (whether residing in Singapore or not) to travel through one of our heartland neighbourhoods. Congratulations to the team behind it, thank you so much for this gift!
Vivien Ong
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Through the stories narrated, we learned so much about the history of Serangoon North today. We did a self-guided audio-visual walking trail created by @lostnfoundserangoon. It is so well-crafted, user-friendly, and THE MUSIC. My god, the music really transported us to a different space. I highly recommend it to anybody who is interested to learn about old Singapore, which you can still see on this trail

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A voice crackles through the ether.

“Is that you?”

Searching. Ageless.

“Did you get lost, trying to find me? To find home?”

A crossed wire broadcasts a singular voice from another time to reach our present selves, telling a tale that is both anachronistic and true to life.

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