Old Jln Hwi Yoh

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"Maybe that’s why this place has a certain aura about it. A vibration from the ground."

Music and Sound Design by Syafiqah ‘Adha Sallehin

  1. Photo of village children (1957-1958). Derek Lehrle Collection, courtesy of The National Archives of Singapore.
  2. The Bodhi tree with shrine, 1987. Photo by Koh Nguang How.
  3. Tropical Fish Farm. Photo credit: Straits Aquarium/ Dr Yeo Kang Shua.

Under a Bodhi Tree

The Darma Muneeswaran Temple has been in existence at this current site for more than one hundred years. It started as a simple shrine under a Bodhi tree circa 1900. Around the 1930s, many living in the Kampung Hwi Yoh area claimed that they experienced visions of Lord Darma Muneeswaran.

In Kampung Hwi Yoh there were about thirty Indian families, some of whom were involved in cattle-rearing. There were other businesses such as rope-making, tropical fish farms and vegetable farms. The community evolved from a rural kampung setting to a more urbanised neighbourhood with many schools, shops and a community centre in the 60s.


There was once a huge turtle – estimated to weigh 55kg and over 100 years old – discovered in a drain in Hwi Yoh.

Some villagers won the lottery shortly after this discovery. Believing it to be an auspicious omen, they pooled their winnings to buy it from its captor, and had the turtle sent to the zoo.

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