Tee Seng Store

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" My dear friend, here we are. At the end of a journey."

Music by Syafiqah ‘Adha Sallehin, Video by Ammar ‘Ameezy’

Say hi to Mr and Mrs Ang in the store, and buy a drink or snack from them. 


A Time Capsule

At the junction of Rosyth Road and Sandilands Road stands an old shophouse built from planks with a zinc roof. From its facade to the furnishings, the place is definitely ‘old school’. For anyone looking for a nostalgia trip, a visit to Tee Seng Store is like going back in time.

Run by Mr Ang Lu Heng, the provision shop has been serving the residents in the vicinity for over 60 years. No major renovation or upgrading has been done since its founding. Perhaps it is this rustic, musty charm that has attracted the attention of both the media and filmmakers alike.

Both Tee Seng Store and Mr Ang have been around long enough to witness the transformation of the area – from a kampung to a neighbourhood of terrace houses and bungalows. 


Those who are interested in old collectibles may find some interesting objects at Tee Seng Store.

Mr Ang has borne witness to the changes in the area since the 1960s, and Tee Seng Store contains nearly 60 years of memories.

Mr Ang speaks various languages that he’s picked up from his customers, such as Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Tagalog, Tamil and Sinhala.

Once he retires, the business will not continue, as his three children are not interested in taking on the role.

The End